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About Agroline

Agroline is recognized as the leader in importing, promoting and marketing of Dutch seed potatoes in Greece. Although the company was founded in 1994, in fact the accumulated experience of her managers counts for four decades.

This experience started in 1974 with the cooperation of Agroline's corporate managers K. Velalis and Ch. Panagis, with the Dutch Company Hettema Zonen , the leader in marketing of seed potatoes in those years.

Hettema became famous with the introduction and marketing of Spunta variety almost all over the world, including Greece. Since then and still today, Spunta is considered the queen of potatoes.

In 1998, Hettema celebrated her centennial with impressive manifestations in many countries, including Greece. However, taking into consideration the new conditions of the world market, Hettema and De Zpc (another Dutch company with 100 years of experience in seed potatoes) decided to merge next year, in 1999. Through this merging, HZPC was founded, which again is recognized as a world leader in breeding, growing and marketing of high quality seed potatoes. More information about this company is available in our web site (about HZPC).

Agroline is not only limited in importing and marketing of Dutch seed potatoes. Since 1985, in cooperation with Hettema and later with HZPC, an average of 250-300 new varieties are tested every year in Greece. This means that the last 25 years thousands of new varieties were tested in Greece. From these trials, new modern varieties came up, suitable for both the local and the export market. In this respect, the success of Spunta, which still continues to hold special position in the Greek market, the success of many other varieties followed, like that of Liseta, Mondial, Fabula, Jaerla, Carlita, Carrera, Monalisa, Volumia, Voyager, Vivaldi, Annabelle, Innovator, Sylvana, Sifra, Panamera, Lucinda, Evora, and soon many others.