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About Hzpc

  • HZPC profile
    [HZPC Website]
  • In 1999 HZPC Holland B.V. was established after the merger of two of the leading seed potato exporting companies in Holland, Hettema and De ZPC, each with 100 years of experience .The core business of HZPC is the breeding, growing and marketing of seed potatoes. HZPC is one of the worlds largest private seed potato companies. Approximately 80% of the sales are export sales, accounting for more than 40 % of the annual Dutch export volume. To support the core business (seed potatoes) HZPC also markets ware potatoes. In this way the protected varieties of HZPC are promoted within the supermarket chains. To follow the different markets closely, HZPC has subsidiary companies in Potugal, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, United Kingdom and in USA/Canada.HZPC operates worldwide by making use of direct deliveries through her distribution channels (HZPC subsidiary companies, agents, importers and distributors) and indirectly via licence agreements in several countries including , and . The HZPC group has 215 employees, of which HZPC Holland employs 135. Together the employees, growers and breeders form the shareholders of the company.

    The objectives of HZPC are:

    • Developing new varieties, which comply with the different market demands.
    • Realisation of optimum value for breeders, growers and shareholders.
    • Meeting the demands of her customers by delivering high quality seed potatoes combined with optimal service.
    • To be the desired choice of her customers and business partners.
    • Further building of the company's image with best performance and reliability.

    The five strengths of HZPC:

    • Breeding, Research and Development.
    • Production.
    • Sales and Marketing.
    • Logistics.
    • Support and Promotion.

    Consistent quality

    Developing all sectors, HZPC achieves her objective of becoming a qualitatively important global player. The company sets the HZPC standard, a quality standard that is higher than the normal NAK (General Netherlands Inspection Service for seed and plants of field crops) norm. This means that her varieties and her seed potatoes are among the very best and have a consistent element of HZPC quality. Strict norms are applied in HZPC's selection of associated breeders and growers. The company maintains continuous contact and provides them with information they require to prevent disease and ensure quality. In doing this, HZPC exchanges a great deal of essential knowledge, which is extremely valuable for her business activities. Listening carefully to the wishes of her growers as well as those of the market, HZPC is able to remain innovative in the development of new varieties.

    Safety through traceability

    HZPC growers record all production related activities throughout the entire season. Whether this is crop spraying or fertilisation, planting or delivery, everything is monitored and recorded. Information relative to production practices and crop performance data is used to improve cultivation activities and give her clients insight into the production processes. Increasing returns for the customer and the grower is the primary goal of the company. HZPC's tracing system assures consumers that all details and conditions of potato production have been monitored and comply with her rigid protocols. In this way the safety of the product can be checked and the possibility of mistakes minimised. HZPC grows according to strict EurepGap standards.

    Developing custom-made varieties

    HZPC and its affiliated breeders develop new varieties by means of a comprehensive and varied innovative breeding programme. In early stages, the company tests material under demanding conditions in trial fields located in various market countries. HZPC varieties are specially developed for conditions relevant to the environments of her clients. Important issues are location, soil type, climatic conditions and how much fertiliser and crop protection chemical agents are used. Requirements for taste, texture, colour and shape are, of course, primary considerations and are developed specifically for each region.Variety development is a precise and long-term process. HZPC invests large amounts in research as the time frame from first pollination to full marketing takes at least 10 to 15 years. Together with HZPC colleagues, clients and institutions abroad she uses knowledge acquired, to tackle various problems in her business. The purpose of developing new varieties is to breed a product that is consumer, customer and farmer-friendly. Healthy for man and the environment!

    Together with the very best of growers

    Close co-operation with her highly committed growers is unique as she advises and support them intensively in an effort that maximises positive results in both financial profit and quality. During the short and hectic harvest period, she monitors and assists her growers in order to ensure HZPC quality potatoes are stored under the most favourable conditions with as little damage as possible. HZPC growers are keen to deliver a perfect product, as this will reflect in their final payment. HZPC together with its affiliated growers form a large, powerful organisation, working together to produce excellent quality. This has created a highly-reliable group of growers, that HZPC is proud to say the world's best!

    For more details about HZPC click here.