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  • Carrera
  • Characteristics | Production advice | Photos |
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    Sector Retail Fresh, Traditional
    Coocking Type AB - Slightly firm
    Berries Few berries
    Dormacy period Medium
    Emergence Normal
    Sencor sensitivity Sensitive
    Foliage development Moderate
    Internal bruising Sensitive
    Little potato disorder Sensitive
    Dry matter content 17,3
    Maturity Early
    PCN Resistance Ro1 Resistant
    PCN Resistance Ro2/3 Resistant
    PCN Resistance Ro4 Resistant
    PCN Resistance Ro5 Susceptible
    Wart disease fysio 1 Resistant
    Wart disease fysio 2 Susceptible
    Yield mature Moderate high
    Spraing Slightly Susceptible
    Foliage Blight Susceptible
    Tuber Blight Slightly susceptible
    Common Scab Slightly susceptible
    Powdery Scab Slightly Susceptible
    PVYn Very susceptible
    Tuber size Very Large
    Yntn tuber tolerance Slightly susceptible
    Tuber shape Oval
    Number of tubers No data available
    Flesh colour Yellow
    Skin Colour Yellow