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  • Nutrients
  • Nutritional values

    A potato unhealthy? Absolutely not. On the contrary, potatoes are overflowing with vitamins and nutritional values and contain no fat. For comparison: per 100 gr. a cooked potato contains only 75 kcal. By contrast cooked white rice counts already 147 kcal in the same 100 gr. Moreover, a potato is a treasury of fibres and vitamins, contrary to cooked rice of pasta. People's vision of "potato as a waist thickener" is not very surprising, as we like to pour gravy over our potatoes. Also fried potatoes or french fries contribute to extra calories. Fortunately nowadays there are very tasty potato varieties which can be eaten cooked without gravy, for example with some spices or salt. The Nutritional Institute recommends to eat every day in accordance with the famous "five principal ingredients of a proper diet", taking into account that 3 to 5 tablespoons of potatoes each day includes in the healthy eating pattern.